15 June 2007

Hashem Yirachem.....

The PM of Israel, Ehud Olmert and the "president" of the "palestinian authority" Abu Mazen

The New President of Israel, Shimon Peres and the former "president" of the "palestinian authority", the scumbag arafat

The "new" head of the Labor party, Ehud Barak, "President" of the "palestinian authority" Abu Mazen, and former "president" of the "palestinian authority", the scumbag arafat

The head of the Likud, Bibi Netanyahu and the former "president" of the "palestinian authority" the scum bag arafat.

Will things change in Israel?
Within the last week, Israel was graced with the former vice-president and honorary president of the Socialist International, Shimon Peres becoming the President of Israel and his ally, Ehud Barak returning to the head of the Labor party after making millions in "private" business since he left politics in disgrace, crushed by the bulldozer Ariel Sharon. These two will likely have to contend with (if all things remain the same) Bibi Netanyahu, head of Likud as the next PM. Bibi, you may recall lost to Barak under the shadow of a number of allegations of fraud.

Where is the new leadership? Why doesn't Israel have a healthy "farm" system of new political leaders? As of the time of this writing, it appears that Ehud Barak will become the next Minister of Defense, replacing the Stalin look alike Amir Peretz, unabashed Commie sympathizer. Peretz, the former head of the Histadrut (the national labor union) was Israel's version of new leadership. While Labor was not in a position to form a government while he was at it's head, imagine what would have happened had Labor garnered enough seats in the last election to have been on top of the coalition instead of a coalition partner. Peretz, the commie would have been PM. This is a seriously warped system where only the corrupt and famous can ever really win. Israel needs a Torah observant PM and a revolution in thought. The system is broken. Israel is desperately in need of their version of Ronald Reagan.

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Batya said...

They do look too happy.

What Words Offend Arabs? The Truth.

Children's Poetry Booklet Recalled After Arabs Complain
(Israeli censorship kowtows to Arabs.
When Will We Tell The Truth Without Fear)

(IsraelNN.com 7 Sivan 5768/June 10, '08) Ynet's web site and Arab complaints against a ten-year-old boy's poem about terrorists has resulted in the recall of all of the Nes Ziona municipality's children's poetry booklets.

Ynet boasts that its coverage of the poem resulted in its being recalled.

The text of the poem (Ynet's translation):

Ahmed's bunker has surprises galore: Grenades, rifles are hung on the wall. Ahmed is planning another bombing!What a bunker Ahmed has, who causes daily harm.Ahmed knows how to make a bomb. Ahmed is Ahmed, that's who he is, so don't forget to be careful of him.We get blasted while they have a blast!Ahmed and his friends could be wealthy and sunny, if only they wouldn't buy rockets with all their money.

Poetry competition director Marika Berkowitz, who published the booklet, was surprised at the protests and told Ynet: "This is the boy's creation and this is what he wanted to express. Of course there should be a limit, but I think the there is no racism here. 'Ahmed' is a general term for the enemy. These are the murmurings of an innocent child."

The Education Ministry told Ynet: "The local authority that published the booklet should have guided the students in a more correct manner through the schools. The district will investigate the issue with the local authorities."
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