01 June 2007

Fred Thompson Voting Stats

Fred Thompson's Ratings from Fred Thompson 2008

Blogger Fred Thompson 2008 has culled major Congressional vote rating organizations in a handy table divided by conservative and liberal services.

To add to the Fred Thompson ratings game additional data was found at Project Vote Smart in areas related to Israel, I found the following:

2001-2002 On the votes that the Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel considered to be the most important in 2001-2002, a point system was established for both the Senate and the House. In the Senate, total possible points range from a high of +1 and a low of -5. In the House, points range from +6 to -6. The Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel assigned Thompson a score of -3.

As the name implies, Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel is a leftie, moral equivalency organization which believes that Jews and Arabs can live happily walking through the flower gardens of the holy land together. Project Vote Smart says the following about Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel :

"Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI) is a group of American Jews who believe that a just, comprehensive, and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel is attainable through negotiations based on international law and the implementation of relevant United Nations (UN) resolutions. We believe that as Jews outside of Israel, we have both a right and obligation to speak out in favor of an Israel that pursues peaceful, ethical, just, and democratic policies. "

On the other hand, Project Vote Smart reports:

2001 On the votes that the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) considered to be the most important in 2001, Thompson voted their preferred position 0 percent of the time.

WRMEA is NOT a conservative organization and is clearly NOT Israel friendly. A good comparison to understand what this group stands for is that WRMEA in 2004 rated Rep. Ron Paul voting their way 100% of the time. A 0 here for FDT is certainly a good thing.

As far as current history, at least three of FDT's radio and print commentaries have either focused upon Israel or is related to Israel and/or Jewry.

Terrorized - 05/30
Hamas Does Disney - 05/15
Gandhi's Way Isn't the American Way - 03/15

All of this evidence demonstrates a knowledge on the part of FDT that he understands why there is a "conflict" and that Jewry is threatened world wide today as it has been historically. A significant number of FDT's other commentaries detail a realistic and very American grasp of the threat to the world of Islamic fundamentalism or Islamo-facism.

His candor and easy going manner of speaking might lead a listener into a false impression that FDT is laid back. Hardly, this is man who is focused on a clear and present danger facing the world, a fresh approach in politics today. FDT has explained in no uncertain terms that the US and west must wake up to the global threat to our way of life. FDT is the best choice for America to lead this conflict.

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What Words Offend Arabs? The Truth.

Children's Poetry Booklet Recalled After Arabs Complain
(Israeli censorship kowtows to Arabs.
When Will We Tell The Truth Without Fear)

(IsraelNN.com 7 Sivan 5768/June 10, '08) Ynet's web site and Arab complaints against a ten-year-old boy's poem about terrorists has resulted in the recall of all of the Nes Ziona municipality's children's poetry booklets.

Ynet boasts that its coverage of the poem resulted in its being recalled.

The text of the poem (Ynet's translation):

Ahmed's bunker has surprises galore: Grenades, rifles are hung on the wall. Ahmed is planning another bombing!What a bunker Ahmed has, who causes daily harm.Ahmed knows how to make a bomb. Ahmed is Ahmed, that's who he is, so don't forget to be careful of him.We get blasted while they have a blast!Ahmed and his friends could be wealthy and sunny, if only they wouldn't buy rockets with all their money.

Poetry competition director Marika Berkowitz, who published the booklet, was surprised at the protests and told Ynet: "This is the boy's creation and this is what he wanted to express. Of course there should be a limit, but I think the there is no racism here. 'Ahmed' is a general term for the enemy. These are the murmurings of an innocent child."

The Education Ministry told Ynet: "The local authority that published the booklet should have guided the students in a more correct manner through the schools. The district will investigate the issue with the local authorities."
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