25 July 2007

The Kabbalists Have Spoken?

Kabbalists: Great, Miraculous War Coming

7 Av 5767, July 22, '07
(IsraelNN.com) A report Saturday night quoted several important Kabbalists, as well as senior Ashkenazi Haredi Rabbis, as saying that a major war would take place in Israel “very soon.” The reports quoted a senior Haredi Rabbi, Baruch Avraham Rakovsky, who said that during a recent gathering where senior Kabbalists discussed important issues of the day, it was revealed through a variety of means – including communication with autistic children - that a major war was in the offing. However, great “open miracles, such as those that occurred when the Jews left Egypt,” would take place. The events they were referring to, they said, would clearly be understood as miracles, even to those who were not expert in Kabbalistic studies.

The Kabbalists did not reveal the specific details on the war, but said that Iran would be involved. Already, they said, Hashem was performing miracles: During the past five times that Iranian President Ahmadinejad threatened Israel, they said, major natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes, occured a short time afterwards.

Other Haredi leaders last week told their students similar messages, including Harav Chaim Cohen (“Hachalvan”), who said that Israel was in a position to quickly destroy its enemies, and Harav Chaim Kamienvsky, who said that “Hashem will soon perform great miracles for the Jewish people.”

I am not sure what to say about this but I decided to post it anyway. Someone with some time should track down the Ahmadinejad earthquake equation mentioned above. I just want to know when these Rabbis are holding their regular Kabbalah gatherings if you have to have an invitation? I would like to see what goes on. One can only hope they have "heard" the message correctly and that HaShem will deliver Israel, again through miraculous ways. One should also not be too surprised to see the Zionist mentality take credit for the great victory despite the "open miracles". The nature of Jewish history has always been this way. The affect of a miracle on those who experience it wears off rather quickly. This may be the reason why we are told not to rely upon miracles. The Jew should seek to nulify his own need to base his belief upon miracles and have emuna shalem. Torah instruction begins with reishis chachma etc. The actions of man are guided by but not restricted by HaShem except where the intervention is necessary to produce the outcome that HaShem seeks. Miracles produced during warfare are hard for modern people to understand. May HaShem redeem his people now and bring Moshiach soon.

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What Words Offend Arabs? The Truth.

Children's Poetry Booklet Recalled After Arabs Complain
(Israeli censorship kowtows to Arabs.
When Will We Tell The Truth Without Fear)

(IsraelNN.com 7 Sivan 5768/June 10, '08) Ynet's web site and Arab complaints against a ten-year-old boy's poem about terrorists has resulted in the recall of all of the Nes Ziona municipality's children's poetry booklets.

Ynet boasts that its coverage of the poem resulted in its being recalled.

The text of the poem (Ynet's translation):

Ahmed's bunker has surprises galore: Grenades, rifles are hung on the wall. Ahmed is planning another bombing!What a bunker Ahmed has, who causes daily harm.Ahmed knows how to make a bomb. Ahmed is Ahmed, that's who he is, so don't forget to be careful of him.We get blasted while they have a blast!Ahmed and his friends could be wealthy and sunny, if only they wouldn't buy rockets with all their money.

Poetry competition director Marika Berkowitz, who published the booklet, was surprised at the protests and told Ynet: "This is the boy's creation and this is what he wanted to express. Of course there should be a limit, but I think the there is no racism here. 'Ahmed' is a general term for the enemy. These are the murmurings of an innocent child."

The Education Ministry told Ynet: "The local authority that published the booklet should have guided the students in a more correct manner through the schools. The district will investigate the issue with the local authorities."
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